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Data driven website development
CVSL have been offering car and commercial vehicle leases since 1989. The automotive market shifting rapidly to electric prompted a rethink on the online user experience, we were glad to help.


The Brief

Simplifying the customer experience

We've been working with CVSL for over 15 years, when they approached us to overhaul the website UI we came up with a radical plan.

The problem with online vehicle leasing sites is the sheer number of options and customisations on offer. The term of lease, deposit amount and contract length are just the beginning. Add to that the vast number of makes and models and thousands of optional extras and making it easy for a potential customer to get to the finish line can be tricky.

Our plan was built around the two key concepts: An effective method of drilling down through the data and always available real time adjustments.

To achieve the first aim we designed the slide in sidebar for the first step of the process which we identified to be allowing the customer to quickly find a range of prices for their current thinking no matter how far along the decision making process they had ...?

So if a customer has only got as far as deciding they want an SUV, or an Audi, or even an Audi SUV we would provide the tools to see a range of available vehicles and prices to match that choice as easily as possible.

Secondly we identified that having made that initial choice we should allow the user to make micro adjustments to their initial choice wherever they are in the journey without having to reset and start from the beginning.

To that end we designed the slide in menu to be always available and to have remembered all previous inputs, allowing the user to keep making adjustments until the correct vehicle is found.

Finally once the user has selected a particular vehicle we made the UI capable of providing further micro adjustments to the lease term, deposit amount and annual milage enabling the customer to strike the right balance between up front costs and monthly spend.

The Result

Simplifying the decision making process yeilds results

In partnership with CVSL we have designed a website which achieves the goals laid down in the discovery phase at the start of the project.

To provide a potential customer with all the information they need without confusion or delay was the primary goal. By designing a powerful search mechanism with the flexibility to cater for a multitude of primary considerations be it brand, model or price we have achieved this.

Second, we have designed a system which makes the adjustment price an intuitive and simple process. By allowing micro adjustments to upfront and monthly costs allied with a simple method of adding and removing optional extras, and providing clear and transparent visibility of costs at all times we have provided the website user all the information they need to make an informed choice.


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