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PPG Refinish, a global leader in automotive performance coatings, wanted to create a refreshed look, feel and message for one of its key product lines as it launched new products to enhance it. Over the last 15 years Ignition CBS has helped PPG to successfully launch many new and innovative products. Through working on these projects, we have gained in depth knowledge of the automotive refinish industry in general, as well as the various tools and systems that PPG offer – making us uniquely placed to deliver this rebrand.

Brand // Animation // Motion Graphics // 3D // Social Media

The Brief

Retain existing and win new customers

A new look and message that reflected the exciting enhancements that had been added to the product line was the aim.

PPG Envirobase High Performance is a state-of-the-art paint system comprised of products that integrate flawlessly to improve the speed, efficiency and productivity of automotive refinishing processes.

PPG wanted a refreshed look, feel and message to reflect this, as well as the exciting enhancements they had recently added to the product line, including an additive that improved flexibility in application and provided superior toner coverage.

They also wanted to achieve cohesive global branding and messaging and retain existing customers who are happy with their current solution (or may want additional flexibility), as well as win new customers who may want more options.

The Results

Flexible and cohesive branding

We transported PPG Envirobase to Paris, Arnhem, LA and Seoul by creating 3D models of cars and compositing them into the locations. Mirroring the enhanced flexibility of the addition to the product line, this gave much more flexibility to the project. Not only would travelling to these locations in real life be costly in time and money, by creating these models it allowed us to produce high resolution assets for use in print and advertising - with the ability to easily change the colour and finish of the paint. It also made animation possible for the social posts you can see in the video above.

EHP Bottle

It also made it simple to do masked effects, enabling us to create a distinctive image style where the car realistically moves ‘into’ the photograph background on the animations, or on the stills the car is partly on the photo and partly on a solid or gradient background.

We further created a distinct image and brand style by using a hexagonal design as a central part of the image. Hexagons already existed within the Envirobase brand but only as a detail, so this gave a nod to Envirobase’s existing history while modernising and providing a new feel. This along with the masking element was central to our response to PPG Refinish’s brief, to create a cohesive, refreshed look and feel for Envirobase High Performance.

For messaging, we created a new tagline for Envirobase that would help link any future products added to the system by changing the third line. For example, “Same system. Same great results. More flexibility.” We also produced the copy for ads and leaflets, as well as supportive text for social media posts - achieving cohesive messaging for PPG Envirobase High Performance.


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