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Moonwalk Product Launch
In 2019, global coatings manufacturer PPG set out on mission to successfully launch Moonwalk - a piece of proprietary technology the company had spent years researching and creating.

Design // Branding // 3D // Promotional Materials // Social Media Campaign

The Brief

A Giant Leap

Having previously worked with Ignition CBS on a variety of projects, PPG contacted our team to be the Buzz to its Neil and ensure the launch of its new product had the lift off it deserved.

Working in a variety of industries, PPG has proven itself to be a leader across the world. For this product launch, however, it focused on the automotive refinish industry – a market projected to reach $11.3 billion by the end of this year – and the pain points found throughout its bodyshops.

Every bodyshop has a mixing room where they manually mix paint, using a scale to weigh out certain quantities of paint to match to a vehicle. It’s often very messy, there’s room for error - producing waste - and the process and cleaning time is lengthy.

To solve this complex issue, PPG created MOONWALK™ - an automated, self-contained paint mixing system the company refers to as a “giant leap in refinish paint mixing”. Not only does MoonWalk significantly reduce product waste, saves productive labour time and transforms the mixing room into a cleaner and safer environment, it’s also affordable – making it a revolutionary solution for the industry.

The Results

Recognition Across Europe

We worked with the PPG team on most elements of the launch, including online and offline branding such as the logo, brochures, adverts, press releases, graphics and even designs for vans – which eventually travelled across Europe taking the MoonWalk system straight to PPG’s potential clients’ doors.

The system has since been recognised throughout the industry and its media as an award-winning innovation, having recently won Bodyshop Magazine’s Technology and Innovation Award 2020 back in April 2021.


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