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PPG Industries

Product launch campaign
We were asked by PPG Industries, one of the world's largest manufacturers of paints and coatings, to create a teaser campaign for an upcoming product launch. To run on all social media channels and via email marketing the visual needed to be attention grabbing and crucially not give too much away about the product pre-launch.

Branding // Identity // Social Media Advertising

The Brief

Pose more questions than answers

Launching a new, innovative product at a major international exhibition called for some creative ideas. Ignition CBS stepped in.

The product to be launched was a next generation protection against hydrocarbon fires and explosions. Used in dangerous environments onshore and offshore including oil rigs, petrochemical facilities and and gas terminals the product had a set of key features we needed to highlight.

In addition we were asked to offer clues as to the identity of the new product without giving away any specifics, the platforms chosen for the campaign were social media and email, offering more flexibility to modify the message on the run up to the launch.

The Results

Powerful visuals and a subtle message

Not being able to use industry specific imagery we chose a theme which matched the key features of the product - safer, tougher, thinner, lighter, faster. Sports, fitness and athleticism offered the scope we needed to produce the campaign.

To provide an additional link to the product we incorporated some illustrations of standard steel sections, these profiles are instantly recognisable to people in the industry.


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