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In 1994, a mere 100-acre muddy field, dotted with a few caravans and cowsheds, embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation in the quaint village of Wrea Green, Lancashire. Today, this once modest landscape has blossomed into the prestigious Ribby Hall Village, a luxurious 5-star holiday haven. For more than 15 years, we've played an integral role in fostering its online growth and success.


The Brief

Crafting a Seamless Online Experience

The most stressful part of going on holiday is probably booking it (or maybe packing for it once it’s booked). The initial stress of navigating various sites, and figuring where you want to go and what you want to do when you’re there, can certainly be overwhelming.

Our work with Ribby Hall Village started with designing and building its website entirely from scratch, and evolved into creating an all-encompassing bespoke online booking system. Our mission: to streamline the customer experience from the initial click to the final confirmation.

Ribby Hall Village envisioned a future in which its customers could seamlessly book short break, dinner reservations, spa experiences and any other activities they want to do, all at the same time and in the same system. The holiday village also wanted it customers to be able to get live availability and up-to-the-minute pricing, as well as view previous days/weeks in order to get the best deal for them and secure a sale for the business also.

As well as making booking a jam-packed holiday as easy as 1, 2, 3… click! Ribby Hall also wanted to ensure people looking for a UK break happened upon the holiday village when searching online. Having already had success conducting PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising themselves, they entrusted Ignition to expand on that with a very targeted and specific approach.

The Results

From Zero to Eight Figures

Ribby Hall Village's customers now navigate a single platform for all services, from accommodation to dining and activities, eliminating redirection to alternative pages.

The concept for this began by linking directly into Ribby Hall’s reservation software, GuestIine. Then it expanded to include dining, which was a completely separate system again, with the ability to get live table data to show availability and timeslots and book a table there and then. Then activities followed with a third system added.

To simplify the process, we integrated several software APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) directly into the bespoke booking system – that’s multiple systems working together smoothly, all whilst looking like one unified experience to Ribby Hall’s customers. A matrix view was also introduced, allowing customers to compare availability and prices for different accommodations on adjacent days.

Simultaneously, we developed a user-friendly account area, empowering customers to conveniently submit a deposit upon booking and settle the remaining balance seamlessly through their online account. In addition, we introduced the option to purchase gift cards, available through email or post. Our innovative system automatically dispatches them as PDFs, whilst physical cards are dispatched through a fulfilment warehouse with various postal service options. Furthermore, we enhanced flexibility by allowing customers to make partial payments using a gift card online, with the option to cover the remaining amount using a debit or credit card.

Utilising sophisticated coding, we have meticulously crafted an exceptionally smooth end-user journey for Ribby Hall customers, ensuring a consistently flawless experience from initiation to completion. This mirrors the commitment to service that Ribby Hall Village exemplifies when accommodating its guests.

Whilst Ribby Hall was already undertaking success PPC strategies, our work involved a review of its strategies in order to expand on its reach. We refined keywords and ads, resulting in increased sales and reduced cost per conversion.

Our ongoing efforts on Ribby Hall Village’s website and booking system, coupled with PPC optimisation, have enabled Ribby Hall Village’s online revenue to grow from zero to an outstanding eight figures. Our work with Ribby Hall Village continues, as we look to add even more developments to provide Ribby Hall Village with upselling opportunities.

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