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Another 8 tips for internet success

6th March 2015 Andy Chemney

Moving your site up the Google rankings is not rocket science but it does take time, patience and dedication. Here’s what you need to be thinking about:

1. Create quality original content:

Google knows if you are copying content from elsewhere. Don’t do it!

2. Build organic inbound links:

Sites that choose to link to you help your site rise up the rankings.

3. Encourage Google + 1’s:

The larger your circle, the more likely you are to be found when someone searches.

4. Write good Title Tags:

They still count. Make them descriptive and don’t repeat keywords.

5. Use SEO friendly URL’s:

They’re not a big signal for Google but they still count.

6. Have a fast load time:

Don’t skimp by buying cheap hosting on a slow server. Google loves sites that load fast.

7. Go Mobile:

Pretty soon, all sites will need to be 100% mobile friendly. Make sure your site is built using responsive code.

8. Get Social:

Social signals are already a big trigger for Google and they will only get bigger.

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